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ACA sign up: Everything you need to know

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

( – Registration for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act has been opened for residents in Missouri and Illinois. 

A community festival in St. Ann provided an opportunity to help families get signed up by hosting a variety of different workshops. “In the past year since the law went into effect, more than 150,000 Missouri residents have signed up and we are urging more to seek affordable healthcare coverage,” said Congresswoman Lacy Clay, who attended the festival earlier today.

However, the day was also not without its problems. The Department of Health and Human Services said in the first eight hours more than 23,000 people successfully signed up but Rodger Jennings of Madison County Illinois was not one of them.

“I saw some reasonable rates that would fit my needs,” explained Jennings about his desire to sign up for insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

He was able to log in and create an account, a success compared to last year’s initial rollout. But when he reached the identification verification step he hit a snag.

“I had to fill in my date of birth, social security number and address,” he said. But he was notified that his identity could not be verified and was told call the Marketplace Call Center.

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“About 20-30 minutes later he said the verification system is down because of glitch so you’re going to have to wait at least 24 hours before we can do anything. I’m thinking [just like] last year. Here we go again,” said Jennings.

We reached out to HHS to find out if this was a problem others were experiencing.

“We expect to experience the normal issues that any other complicated technology project does upon launch and have seen a small number so far,” said spokesperson Aaron Albright in an email.

He said they did not have any reported system issues regarding problems with the verification system, but for Jennings it was frustrating.

“They didn't give you any answers over the phone except ‘I’m sorry,’” he said. Jennings was told to call back in 24 hours and because he needs health insurance, he says he'll try again tomorrow.

To sign up:

Click here if you are a Missouri resident

Click here if you are an Illinois resident


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