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What you need to know to prepare for frigid temperatures in St. Louis

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

(KMOV.com) -- News 4 is here to help you prepare for the upcoming winter weather. We have total team coverage on how IDOT and MoDOT prepare for winter, what Missouri American Water is doing to keep water mains under control and less prone to breaking, the city's new stragety for road treatment knows as "green salt," and how to keep your home safe from fires caused by unattended heaters and fireplaces.

IDOT and MoDOT: How they prepare for winter weather.



Road crews in Missouri and Illinois say they are prepared for the upcoming weather and have learned many lessons from last year’s winter.

IDOT says they have purchased two new brine trucks for road treatment. Crews say the hot brine mixtures was the best way they could treat roads, even in below zero temperatures. 


How does Missouri American Water prepare for freezing temperatures?



Missouri American Water is preparing for the next few months by fixing old water lines now. Their hope is by fixing the old water lines, it will limit the number of breaks this winter.

Missouri American Water also says that breaks in the water lines can cause big messes on roadways, but residents can also cause messes at their homes if they forget to disconnect their outside hose.

Rockwood elementary school dismissing students early due to water main break.

Freezing pipes aren’t as big of a concern this early in the cold weather season, but it’s still important to keep a close eye on them.


St. Louis City's new tool to keep roads safe during winter storms


St. Louis City said it using a new special blend of chemicals on roads this winter.

The chemicals will be a new combination that officials believe will work better and faster on roads.

“Following last year with the severe cold, we looked at how the chemicals work with the salt, so we decided to add chemicals before we even start, then you’re not dependent on the function of the equipment and trucks,” said Todd Waelterman, the St. Louis Streets Director.

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Tips to stay warm during cold without starting fire


Firefighters are providing tips to safely stay warm during cold weather.


  • Firefighters with the Pattonville Fire Protection District provided a number of tips:
  • Clean out the fireplace before using for the first time this season
  • Do not use the oven as a heating source because doing so can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning; don’t use paper to start a fire place up because the residue can build up inside the chimney, increasing the risk for fire
  • If you use a space heater, turn it off before going to bed

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