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Police searching for suspects who steal North Face merchandise

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(KMOV.com) – Police said they are searching for suspects who stole North Face merchandise from two stores within a one hour span.

Authorities said the criminals participated in a “grab and go.” According to police, the suspects go into a store and appear to browse before taking North Face apparel and taking off.  Authorities said the group first stole from the North Face Store in West County Center.

“The sales associated really did not have time to react, it happens so quickly,” said Det. Marshall Broughton with Des Peres police.

According to Broughton, the criminals are making off with merchandise worth more than $10,000.

“A lot of our major retailers, not only at our mall, but other cities as well, have been the targets of theft,” Broughton said.

Kirkwood Police believe the same group then stole North Face merchandise from the Alpine Shop in Kirkwood.

“Ours, they were in and out. It was less than a minute. They knew exactly what they wanted,” said Det. Sean Conners with Kirkwood Police.

Police believe North Face apparel is a target of thieves because it is considered very valuable on the black market.

“When they steal the items and bring them in, they’re paying them a fraction of the value of the item. Maybe a third of the worth. I guess with North Face, it’s starting to get colder, they might think it sells littler better,” Conners said.

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