Conceal carry permits skyrocket in St. Charles County -

Conceal carry permits skyrocket in St. Charles County

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. CHARLES COUNTY ( – With the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case expected soon, many people have been applying for, and receiving, concealed carry permits. One store owner in St. Charles County says he has never seen a demand for permits skyrocket like they have lately.

“We’ve had several instances where people have said ‘I’m afraid Ferguson is going to spill over to this side of the river,’” said Carl Salley who works at Pistols and More. Salley also says he has been selling guns to many female customers and has noticed many first-time buyers have been spending between $300 and $600 dollars for a handgun.

“I’ve never felt the need before, but now I think it’s time,” said Weldon Spring resident Dennis Redman. Redman said he had never even thought of owning a gun until watching what has happened in Ferguson during the past few months. “With all the news media talking about this Ferguson deal, you never know where they are going to come or where they are going to go. I think everyone is frightened of what can happen.”

In 2013, 879 concealed carry permits were issued in St. Charles County, but in 2014, only 632 were issued. However, 348 permits alone were issued in September and October which is an increase of 86%.

“I should be selling lever action and bold action rifles for deer season and I think I’ve sold six of those and 25 handguns this week,” Salley said. “It’s absolutely astronomical the numbers were are seeing right now.”

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