Crews repair sewer main break in Chesterfield -

Crews repair sewer main break in Chesterfield

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( – The Metropolitan Sewer Department said crews have repaired a sewer main break near the intersection of West Drive and North Drive in Chesterfield.

MSD said a property owner reported the break around 2:00 p.m. Wednesday. The agency said the leak is not spilling into any nearby waterways, but crews elected to shut down nearby pump stations, which caused manhole covers to overflow. Areas affected by the overflow in manhole covers included:

  • Caulks Creek near the intersection of Crystal Spring Drive and Brighthurst Drive in Chesterfield.
  • Portions of the walk/bike trail that runs along the Monarch Chesterfield levee south of Chesterfield     Commons.
  • Other portions of Caulks Creek.
  • Portions of Bonhomme Creek.

MSD said service to area homes and businesses was unaffected. The agency also said the break is not endangering the public’s health or safety.

The MSD said this was the third break in the same area in Chesterfield since the beginning of Sept. and the fourth of the year. They say each break costs more than $200,000 to repair.

Replacement work in the area was scheduled to begin in 2016 but now MSD is trying to push the work up to sometime in 2015.


The current line was built in 1983 and was expected to last 25 years. 

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