St. Louis City stops issuing concealed carry permits due to equi -

St. Louis City stops issuing concealed carry permits due to equipment failure

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( - The city of St. Louis stopped issuing concealed carry permits Thursday after a machine that records the permit holder’s finger print broke down.

Wednesday, the machine broke down, causing some to wait more than one hour for a process that usually takes 10 minutes.  The machine is located at the St. Louis City Sheriff’s office.

“It took way too long to do something that’s simple,” said Reed Garcia, a gun owner. “It was frustrating and I’m sure it was frustrating for the people working there.”

The demand for concealed carry permits has increased since August when unrest in Ferguson occurred. As an announcement about the Grand Jury’s decision draws closer, there is a perception that there will be more unrest, causing a greater demand for permits.

When the machine is working properly, it electronically photographs the fingerprints before sending them to the Missouri Highway Patrol. The FBI then checks the record of the person applying for a permit. If the record comes back clean, the FBI then sends approval back to the sheriff’s office, allowing the person to obtain the permit.

The St. Louis City Sheriff’s spokesman told News 4 a new fingerprint machine is expected to arrive Friday.


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