Group steps forward to help high school booster club that had mo -

Group steps forward to help high school booster club that had money stolen

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – A group has stepped forward to help the booster club at St. Charles High School that had money stolen.

Police said Jane Windorski, 44, has admitted to stealing the $9,000 so she could spend it on herself. The money was intended to be used for Project Graduation, a drug and alcohol free party for seniors on graduation night.

“We were at a loss. We were starting to think maybe we weren’t going to have ‘Project Graduation,” said Deanna Towell, the booster club’s president.

Most of the booster club’s money was raised from concession sales at St. Charles’ High School’s football games. Towell said it would have been difficult to replace the money since the school’s football season is over. However, Towell said her mood changed for the better after a phone call.

“I got the best wake-up call in the whole world the other day from the bank. They were contacted by the Oktoberfest committee chairperson and they offered to cover our entire loss.

The St. Charles Oktoberfest has been held for 20 years. The money it raises is used to help local non-profits.

“It seemed like a no-brainer,” said Daniel Faust with St. Charles Oktoberfest. “I thought here’s a positive way to give money back to the community, help somebody in need.”

Foust said he pays very close attention to Facebook and noticed someone had posted News 4’s previous story about the stolen funds. He said he reached out to other 15 members of the St. Charles Oktoberfest committee. All 16 (including Foust) voted to help the booster club.

“It’s really cool that we have 16 people on the committee and we all think the same as far as how we can help of there’s a need,” Foust said.

Foust said if the booster club is able to recoup the money from the person who stole it, then the money collected will have to be divided up among the other high schools in St. Charles for their graduation night parties.

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