Second-year employee of Fox School District gets big payout upon -

Second-year employee of Fox School District gets big payout upon retirement

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By Ruella Rouf By Ruella Rouf

ARNOLD, Mo. ( – An assistant superintendent at the Fox C-6 School District is scheduled to receive a $66,000 check when he leaves his position in June, only after being with the district for two years. Furthermore, the district was in $7 million worth of debt earlier this year, and taxpayers are asking questions.

The Fox C-6 School District has an early retirement program where Andy Arbeitman is one of six employees taking advantage this year. This is the last year the district is offering the incentive.

“The way this program was designed a number of years ago was that the benefit was 50 percent of their pay,” said John Brazeal, the Chief Financial Officer of the district.

But taxpayers feel that it is a lot of money for somebody who has only been there for two years.

Arbeitman’s payout comes just a few years after he was paid $208,000 to leave his previous job as DeSoto School superintendent.

The Fox district’s early retirement program is only for those vested in the public school retirement system. The district said the program can save the district money, despite the high one-time cost.

“The district will benefit because it will enable us to reduce our overall payroll costs by encouraging some voluntary seperations,” said Brazeal.

The district’s goal is to hire cheaper replacements or not fill some positions, which would in turn save money in the long run.

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