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Cellphone in shirt pocket stops knife attack to the heart

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

DALTON, GA (CBS46) -Jerry Scriver said it is a good thing he keeps his cellphone in his front pocket because it may have saved his life during an attack.

Scriver showed CBS46 News the shirt with a slice through the front pocket. Scriver said the blade was roughly 12 inches and sliced the shirt open from the top of his chest down to the pocket. It was on Friday, outside his workplace that Scriver said he took out the trash when a man behind the strip mall approached him.

“He said something to me in Spanish I didn’t understand what he said, he motioned for a cigarette and motioned for money,” Scriver said. When Scriver told the man he did not have any money the suspect pulled out a switch blade.

“He had a knife in his pocket pulled it out and started waving it around. Probably about 12 inches maybe,” Scriver said. “He just starts waving it a little bit like what are you going to do kind of. I started walking backwards trying to diffuse the situation.”

The suspect then lunged and swung directly towards Scriver’s chest.

“He just made a swipe at me and when he swiped you could see he swiped other times and then went this way, and you could see where it stopped is right where my cell phone was. I was pretty lucky.”

Once the knife was deflected from the cell phone, a GalaxyS2 in an Otter Box, the suspect and Scriver were face to face.

“We both kind of looked at each other for a minute. It was almost like a still photo or something you would see in the movies,” Scriver said. “I looked at him and he looked at me and he looked at me like why are you still standing.”

The suspect ran up a hill and into some woods. Scriver said he ran into the office and called 911. He had some bruises and scratches on his chest but was not seriously injured. Days later he has been having nightmares about the close call that almost cost him his life.

“We have a lot to live for and it just reality sets in after a while started to have anxiety and a tough time sleeping,” Scriver said. “I thank God he was watching over me that day, sure it was the phone, but there is more than that meets the eye.”

Scriver said the suspect was short about 5 foot 5 and was Hispanic with a tattoo of the number 13 on his neck. 

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