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Wives of two police officers on how Ferguson has affected them

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) - The wives of two police officers told News 4 that their husbands and families have received threats since the unrest in Ferguson began.

“Our husbands are putting their boots on, they’re strapping on their vest and there’s a real possibility that they might not come home at the end of the shift,” Hope, a police wife, said.

The two women would only provide News 4 with their first names. Hope’s husband has been an officer for six years. Ann, who also spoke to News 4, said her husband has been an officer for 25 years. Ann said her husband, who is a former Marine, told her he his experience in Ferguson is very similar to what he went through when he returned from combat in Vietnam.

“He was 18-years-old, doing what his country had asked him to do. As he’s standing in line while in uniform, he had the same articles thrown at him such as vegetables, tomatoes, apples, the spitting. He said that would never happen to him again,” Ann said.

Both said that their families have received threats, which has caused them to change how they live their lives.

“We were very proud to be police wives, we’re supportive of our husbands, of our police family, but it is not necessarily something we walk down the street displaying on our shirts right now. For me that’s kind of heartbreaking,” Hope said.

Hope said it has been difficult to explain the situation to her children.

“He knows daddy’s been gone a lot more, so we talk about that. But the hardest part is when he’s heard bits and pieces either at school or on the radio,” Hope said.

Many officers have worked 12 hours shifts. Both Hope and Ann said it has been difficult to keep a normal routine.

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