Sunset Hills residents call for mayor's resignation -

Sunset Hills residents call for mayor's resignation

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

SUNSET HILLS, Mo. ( – The Sunset Hills mayor has been under much scrutiny for allegedly hitting a bicyclist with his car and leaving the scene. On Tuesday, residents went on the record in front of city officials to say the mayor needs to step down.

Mayor Mark Furrer of Sunset Hills is facing felony charges for allegedly running Randy Murdick off the road with his car. The mayor has a different story and said he did not commit any crime and is prepared to fight the charges.

“I’m being railroaded with false accusations, and no one has stepped up and said ‘this is what he did,’” said Mayor Furrer.

City officials listening to residents is the first of many steps required for an impeachment, if that should occur. The city board will take up this issue next month.

Mayor Furrer's next court hearing is at the end of this week.

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