Bel-Ridge trustees react to newly surfaced 2012 Audit -

Bel-Ridge trustees react to newly surfaced 2012 Audit

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BEL-RIDGE ( -- Elected officials in St. Louis County are taking a closer look into a 2012 audit of the Bel-Ridge Police Department. 

Village trustee Rachel White says she discovered the audit in September buried in a file cabinet at the Bel-Ridge Village Hall. According to White, who was brought into office in 2012, she was never told of the audit and possible misconduct of the department. 

Some Bel-Ridge Village Trustees elected after the 2012 report came out say it is unacceptable they weren't in the loop on a dozen audit allegations that include an evidence room key improperly secured and unusually high charges for gasoline that could suggest some officers may have been buying personal on gas on village accounts. 

White says she alerted the other members of the board right away after she found the report tucked into a pile of papers at City Hall.

"I think if it's brought to the public's attention and let known we're not trying to run from anything or hide anything it can be handled a lot better," says White. 

According to White, of the nine trustees currently serving, three were in position when the audit was released. 

White also adds, "I'm trying top press the board to actually look into it and I don't think there will be a problem with us looking into it and getting to the bottom of it and making some substantial changes."

The Chairman of the Village Trustees says the board has a lot on its list of things to discuss and no date has been set for the audit to be discussed. 

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