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Michael Brown's parents travel to Geneva to discuss human rights at UN

FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) – The parents of Michael Brown plan to take the issue of human rights to the United Nations this week.

Brown’s mother, father and a few other people will leave for Geneva on Monday and will be in front of the United Nations Committee Against Torture later in the week.

Justin Hansford, an assistant law professor at St. Louis University, will also be on the trip. He says the focus will be on Brown’s death but it goes beyond that.

“Framing it as a broader problem going back to Trayvon Martin and other young people of color, especially young black males, killed unjustifiably with state sanction,” Hansford said.

Hansford said Brown’s parents will also make a plea for human rights of the protesters and how they could be violated once the indictment decision is announced.

The short term goal of the Brown’s visit is to try and convince the stakeholders in the region to take a less militarized approach to protesters. The long term goal of the trip is the convince people around the country to create a culture of accountability around police. They also aim to stop racial profiling and excessive use of force by police.

The trip is privately funded by online donations from all over the country. 

Click here to view the website created to create awareness about the trip. 

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