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Feldman: All too familiar showing in Arizona for the Rams

(FootballStL) -- I feel as if I’ve seen this movie before.  The Rams play outstanding – okay, maybe more like good enough – football for 45 minutes but abysmal play in the final 15 and it’s the latter that makes the difference in the end. 

Lead 14-10 through three quarters against arguably the best team in the NFL?  Bueno.  Give up 21 straight in the last quarter to lose 31-14?  All too familiar.

The Rams continue to be a team on the brink of breaking out by showing flashes of brilliance but just for some reason can’t make enough plays to win consistently.  It’s a trend that’s been going on for the last three years under Jeff Fisher.

The talent is here.  We know this.  There are weapons on offense with Tre Mason, Jared Cook, Tavon Austin and Brian Quick (injured).  There are weapons on defense with Robert Quinn and company on the defensive line not to mention an underrated back seven.

There is just too much talent on this roster to be 3-6, inevitably headed for another sub-.500 non-playoff finish. 

For the life of me I just can’t figure out why that is.  I would imagine this game will be blamed, rightfully so, on the quarterback position and Austin Davis’ turnovers.  Was the throw to Kenny Britt that Patrick Peterson returned 30 yards for a score in the 4th quarter Davis’ fault?  Maybe.  It was a little high.  But Britt probably needs to catch that. 

The others for sure are on Davis.

But you’d be crazy to say the Rams 3-6 record this season is all on the quarterback position.  Every week it’s something different.  It’s been the defense at times this year.  It’s been the offensive line.  It’s been the lack of a running game. 

Literally every single position group has been at fault for a loss in 2014.  And that’s what makes this so frustrating and confusing.  If it was just one spot that was killing the Rams you could take comfort in the fact they’d fix that problem in the offseason.

That’s not the case though.  Would getting another quarterback make this a playoff team?  Hardly.  There are other areas on this roster that’s been at issue this year. 

This latest loss to Arizona was another in a long line of games where there was a lot to like (the Cardinals rushed for just 28 yards) but certainly a lot more to dislike.  The result was another loss.

And the Rams have to play Denver next week?  Yikes.

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