Residents 'feel violated' after thefts increase in south St. Lou -

Residents 'feel violated' after thefts increase in south St. Louis neighborhoods

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

( – Many residents say they "feel violated" after a string of thefts occurred in the Bevo and Carondelet areas during the past week.

“They broke my back door, my back window, and opened my back door,” said Nancy Lehmkuhl who has lived in the Bevo neighborhood for 32 years and says she has never had a problem like this. “I was close. The police say I was close.”

Tuesday night, Lehmkuhl says she walked in her front door of her home while the thieves were walking out her back door after they stole cash and jewelry.

“They took my mother’s ring which I’m more upset about than anything else,” Lehmkuhl said. “It was a diamond ring that meant a lot to me.”

One mile away from Lehmkuhl’s home, thieves also broke the windows and doors of another house, stealing a laptop, roughly $20 in change, and even stole soda from the fridge.

Alderwoman Carol Howard said the neighborhood has seen in an incrase in crime and is working with police to address the problem.

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