Franklin Co. school believes coordinated safety procedure avoide -

Franklin Co. school believes coordinated safety procedure avoided tragedy

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( – Administrators at Londell School believe their training and quick response to a threat avoided a tragedy.

The school was placed on lockdown Thursday after a 30-year-old man with a gun threatened to go the school and shoot a 5-year-old girl he believed he was accused of sexually abusing. The man drove by school but did not stop, possibly because he saw a deputy that arrived on the scene quickly.

“It was absolutely a close call yesterday. Too close for comfort,” said Londell School District Superintendent Jenny Ulrich.

The school’s staff had been trained for such a situation two weeks before the incident and knew what to do. It coordinated with law enforcement because both trained together using standardized procedures and terminology.

“They knew we had taken roll call, they knew we had put out the calls and they knew we had done all that. That went unsaid and they could focus on what they needed to do, which was to secure the perimeter of our building,” Ulrich said.

Franklin County is the first county in Missouri to receive a grant to hire a county school safety coordinator to make sure school emergencies are handled smoothly.

“The goal of this position is to being together those experts, the schools, the response agencies, and let them decide what works best for them but making sure that’s uniform across the board,” said Franklin Co. Emergency Management Director Abe Cook.

School Resource Officer Kevin Anderson said his training taught him precious time is lost when schools and first responders are not on the same page.

“It’s very difficult, sometimes it’s hard to find your place in the school. It’s hard, situations within the schools and protocols throughout the schools, some are different. We need to be doing the same thing,” Anderson said.

Franklin County said it hopes to finalize the school safety position and hire someone to fill the role after Jan. 1, 2015.

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