How Ferguson businesses are preparing for the grand jury decisio -

How Ferguson businesses are preparing for the grand jury decision

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FERGUSON, Mo ( – Many business owners in Ferguson are concerned about a second round of riots and protesting depending on the judgment made by the grand jury on whether or not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Mike Brown.

“I am concerned that there will be gathering and rioting like always,” said Dr. Adeloula Lieped, owner of A-Day-Lou-O-La, whose windows and doors were shattered during protests. “My patients may be hurt with the goings-on and some may not be able to see me as they should on a regular basis.”

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Many other businesses are also preparing for the possibility of rioting. The manager of Boost Mobile on West Florissant says he is putting up plexiglass and plywood to protect the store. The landlord of Better Family Life’s new location says he has boarded up all the windows as well.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s office says they are still hearing evidence in the case. They meet once a week and, according to them, there is no chance of a decision being made this weekend despite various reports saying there will be.

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