Gun related crime rising in downtown St. Louis -

Gun related crime rising in downtown St. Louis

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

( – St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce said she is concerned about violent crime in downtown in St. Louis.

Joyce’s comments come after three teens were shot near Union Station Wednesday night. Police said the victims are not cooperating. Joyce is concerned that a lack of cooperation may lead to even more violent crime.

According to police, there are currently 28 more murders in 2014 then there were through October, 2013. Authorities said there are also 70 more aggravated assaults with a gun in the city than in 2013.

“People who work here deserve to feel safe walking around their neighborhood. They deserve to feel safe walking to their car,” said Missy Kelley with Downtown STL Inc.

Kelley said more police are on patrol in response to the rise in violent crime downtown.

“People that are down here, live down here, and work down here are going to notice police on bikes and in cars,” Kelley said.

Joyce said her office plans to prosecute illegal gun sales in St. Louis City more aggressively.

“I’ve decided I’m going to tweet out every single gun crime in the City of St. Louis because my biggest fear is that people become apathetic and kind of numb to it. Some may say ‘oh that’s just St. Louis, there’s a lot of gun violence, nothing can be done,” Joyce said.

Joyce said her office also plans to reach out to first time gun offenders, who are often young people that end up in court on a gun possession charge.


“That’s a prime time for us to really work with those young people and get them to understand this gun is not going to protect me, it’s going to kill me,” Joyce said.

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