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Burglaries causing unease in Creve Coeur and Ladue

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By Daniel Fredman By Daniel Fredman

CREVE COEUR- A warning is being sent out by Creve Coeur police to residents and business owners to watch out for back door burglars. 

Police say the burglars are hitting in the middle of the day and focusing on back doors that they force open to gain access. 

The burglars seem to be zoning in on West St. Louis County and are stealing valuable electronics from homes and businesses. 

"A lot of people work around here and I think if you've heard about a problem you should contact police so they can send out fliers or something so people know," says Creve Coeur resident Jackie Roeder. 

The Creve Coeur burglaries have occurred during the middle of the day and Ladue Police have confirmed they've also been dealing with back door break-ins. 

"Breaking in seems to be the easiest route, selling what they get, pawning what they get. We just hope people wouldn't go that route and just make sure your houses and windows are locked," advises Holly David, manager of 'Pastries of Denmark'. 

Police are asking residents to secure their homes and cars and report any suspicious activities to the police. 

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