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Rams players react to Nixon's stadium announcement

(FootballStL) - Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s plan to explore all options to keep the Rams in St. Louis may be the hot topic surrounding the franchise, but Head Coach Jeff Fisher doesn’t seem overly concerned about talk of a new stadium or a potential move to another city.

“I haven’t paid attention to it,” said Fisher. “Honestly, I’m focused on this next game. We’ll huddle up and I’m sure they’ll inform us of what took place. I’m in no position to comment.”

The Rams players are saying they don’t concern themselves with what’s happening off the field, but middle linebacker James Laurinaitis said he wants whatever is best for the city of St. Louis.

“I want what’s best for our fan base,” said Laurinaitis. “We have a phenomenal fan base that deserves a winning football team and a new stadium here.”

It’s understandable that players more focused on preparing for Sunday’s game at Arizona than on stadium issues. Concern about the future of the franchise is not something that has become a locker room distraction.

“I’ve definitely heard the talk,” said Kendall Langford. “Whether the team is staying in St. Louis or moving to Los Angeles. What if they stay here or move, what would be best. I’ve heard both ways. But it is what it is, can’t control it.”

Tight end Jared Cook said, “It’s not like us worrying about it is going to change anything anyway, or our opinion really matters. What’s going to happen is going to happen. We just have to focus on our jobs, and that’s winning games.”

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