Veteran attending funeral caught up in drive-by shooting -

Veteran attending funeral caught up in drive-by shooting

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( – A military veteran who was in town to attend a funeral was nearly shot in a random drive by shooting.

Lavall Pete said the shooting happened near the intersection of Bittner and north Broadway. Peete said he had stopped his car to make a call before he got out to pick up his daughters when a dark colored vehicle with multiple people inside sped by. Those inside began to fire shots.

“That was close call. If that happened ten minutes later, my twins would have been in the car,” Peete.

Somehow, Peete was not injured. Peete said he found shell casings on the street and holes in his car. Peete said there was a bullet fragment near his daughters’ car seats.

“It came through the door at the bottom and if my baby girls were in the car, it would have hit my daughters,” Peete said.

Peete said Donnie White, a friend from the military, was killed in a similar crime in September.

“When I first joined the army, he was my mentor, he just put me up under his wing and he taught me everything I need to know,” Peete said.

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