Are the new regulations put on drivers in O'Fallon, Mo. too much -

Are the new regulations put on drivers in O'Fallon, Mo. too much?

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O’FALLON, Mo. ( – Drivers applying make-up while driving could soon get a ticket in O’Fallon. 

An ordinance specifically states drivers cannot use the mirror for grooming, read anything other than information on the vehicle’s gauges or manually enter information on a GPS.

While most drivers do agree that texting and driving is a chronic problem, some think the new ordinances are too strict.

The city council passed the new rules by an 8-1 vote. One council member said it was long overdue while another said such restrictions are being pushed too far.

“A state officer will spot a driver drinking a cup of coffee, eating a candy bar and that’s his reason to pull [the driver] over and check his paperwork and so forth…” said John Haman, Jr. of the 3rd ward.

The new ordinances are a revised version of the Careless and Imprudent Driving Law. Police said it helps to clarify what a driver can and cannot do.

The ordinances does not specifically mention texting or talking on a cell phone. But it does state that anything that distracts a driver’s attention is prohibited.

Editors note: The video version of this story incorrectly identified John Haman as John Harman. This mistake has been corrected in print form.

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