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Woman who won Missouri lottery charged with trying to sell infant grandson

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Patty Bigbee By Afton Spriggs Patty Bigbee By Afton Spriggs

Not only did Patty Bigbee try to sell her 10-week-old grandson on the Internet, she hatched a plan to cheat the baby's mother out of her cut of the cash, investigators said Tuesday.

Last week, the 45-year-old grandmother from Volusia County tried to broker a deal on Facebook to have another daughter — one she hadn't seen in decades — pay $75,000 in exchange for the infant, records show.
The deal culminated Friday in a Best Buy parking lot in Daytona Beach, where Bigbee was arrested.
Then things got even weirder.
On Tuesday, Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials laid out the elaborate scheme they say Bigbee — who moved to Florida with a criminal record and a trail of bad debt — cooked up to sell Aidan Fleming, now 11 weeks old, and enrich herself in the process.
According to authorities and the paper trail in the case, it went like this:
Bigbee won $1 million in the Missouri lottery two years ago, but she apparently squandered it.
Bigbee moved to Florida last year, unemployed and strapped for cash. In July, a small-claims judgment was lodged against her for $2,185. In August, her landlord evicted her from an apartment in Daytona Beach.
Then, on Aug. 24, Aidan was born to Bigbee's daughter Stephanie Bigbee-Fleming, also known as Stephanie Bigbee-Davis. She turns 22 today.
At some point, Bigbee-Fleming left Aidan at her mother's Holly Hill apartment and moved to Bradenton, where she lives with Aidan's presumed father, according to the FDLE report. Bigbee said the man, who has not been arrested, wanted more children with her daughter so they, too, could be sold, the report states. The man's criminal record includes convictions for aggravated assault with a weapon, domestic battery and child cruelty with physical and/or mental injury.
Bigbee-Fleming is on probation for stealing cash and theme-park and dinner-show tickets from an International Drive hotel in 2007.
Her mother, too, has a criminal past. She was released from prison in Michigan in February 2007 after serving eight years for armed robbery. The conviction was for breaking into a Lansing, Mich., home and stealing jewelry, a Michigan prisons spokesman said. In 1992, Bigbee spent nearly seven months in prison in Ohio for passing bad checks.
Investigators aren't sure when the plan to sell the baby was hatched. Who would buy him?

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