Thieves target baby formula at Winfield grocer -

Thieves target baby formula at Winfield grocer

(KMOV) – After a local Winfield, Missouri grocery store was robbed of baby formula four times, investigators say they believe members of a theft ring are stealing the product and reselling it for drug money.

At the Hickman’s IGA store in Winfield, store owners have had to limit the amount of formula on the shelves, keeping the rest locked up in the back.

Recently, surveillance video showed two women taking more than $200 worth of formula off the shelves, and the store manager says thieves keep stealing until the shelf is empty.

Police say it’s only a matter of time before the thieves are caught.

According to the store manager, an employee got the license plate number and they then gave that information to police.

One possible explanation for the formula thefts could be that in August, the federal government changed rules around the Women, Infants and Children program (WIC), reducing the amount of formula that mothers with infants can get.


The manager of the store says thieves have stolen close to $1,000 worth for formula.

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