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'Exterminator' debuts in St. Clair County's high-crime areas

(KMOV) -- St. Clair County’s new crime-fighter made its debut on Tuesday in Belleville.

“The Exterminator,” a 12,000 pound former armored truck, was revamped to include tires filled with hard foam that won't go flat, infrared surveillance cameras, a padlocked hood, a locked gas cap, and protective screens over the head and tail lights.
Police will park the truck in high-crime areas for days at a time.
Video from the four cameras streams live to computers at the Sheriff's Department.
Deputies can even watch the streams on their smart phones.
Garda Cash Logistics donated the truck; the upgrades were also made through donations.
The department intends for the truck to be highly visible in the neighborhoods, in an attempt to stop crime before it starts.
St. Clair County took the idea from the Peoria police department. Three years ago they used a similar truck in local neighborhoods. Since then, officials say they have seen a drop in crime.

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