Good News 4 a Change: Rapping for education -

Good News 4 a Change: Rapping for education

(KMOV) – Teachers are always looking for ways to get students more interested in “boring” subjects like grammar.

But now some students are getting excited about learning their verbs, thanks to a local hip-hop artist.

Robert Jones, also known by his rapping alias as “YG,” says he’s trying to make learning fun. And educators say it’s working.

On Jones’ “U Make it Happen” website, he encourages kids to steer clear of gangs, teen pregnancy and drugs.  He speaks from experience, as he’s been shot twice and has also been in jail.

But he now preaches the importance of studying and having fun while doing it; it’s “Good News 4 a Change.

Watch the video above to see the full story, and click here to see the music video.

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