Man arrested after attempting to steal officer's car -

Man arrested after attempting to steal officer's car

(KMOV) – A man could face charges this week for attempting to steal a police officer’s car in Fairview Heights.

This happened Saturday night in the 1800 block of north 89th street.

An off-duty East St. Louis police officer interrupted the suspect who had just broken into the vehicle. When the police officer identified himself, the suspect took off on foot.

Officer DeAngelo Franklin, a 17-year veteran of the force, was able to catch the suspect after a struggle.

A passer-by stopped to assist the officer and hold down the suspect until other officers arrived.

Officer Franklin says he didn't recognize the good Samaritan, but believes the man may be a neighbor.

"Wherever he is, I thank him."

The suspect was taken to the hospital in stable condition due to the injuries he sustained during the incident.

Fairview Heights Police are investigating. The suspect faces multiple charges.

Officer Franklin says he has arrested the suspect for another crime years ago and that the suspect has a long history of run-ins with the law.

Still, Officer Franklin does not believe the suspect knew he was targeting a police officer's property.

"I think he was surprised."

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