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Was there a conspiracy with county property tax bills?

St. Louis County property tax bills are arriving in mailboxes this week and many aren't going to like what they see.

Most homeowners will see an increase in their taxes.

The bills weren't mailed till after Tuesday's election, raising suspicions that there may have been a conspiracy to delay the bills till after Tuesday's election.

I wanted to know if Charlie Dooley instructed his revenue department to hold off on sending the bills so the bad news wouldn't jeopardize his chances to be re-elected. Dooley wasn't available to talk about this but St. Louis County chief operating officer Gary Earls told me the answer isn’t just no, but "hell no." Earls said the bills were sent this year at about the same time as last year and are going out earlier than the schedule set down by a new law that was enacted in 2008.

So, why are the property tax bills up if the value of homes is still down? Earls told me not to blame the county because it didn't raise taxes. The county only does reassessments in odd numbered years. He explained that if you look at your tax bill you’ll see that there are other entities that are charging you property taxes and that some of them raised their rates.

In fact, most school districts in St. Louis County raised their property tax rates. Some, only after receiving the approval of voters. However, since the increase in property taxes is not the result of a reassessment, there's no process for protesting the increase.

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