St. Louis works to make Washington Avenue nightlife safer -

St. Louis works to make Washington Avenue nightlife safer

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

(KMOV) -- The City of St. Louis, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis, and the Downtown Community Improvement District announced Friday new measures to ensure safety on Washington Avenue.

Lieutenant Colonel Antionette Filla announced that additional foot patrol officers will be added for visibility and enforcement, as well as additional traffic officers to help control the flow of traffic. These additional shifts will work Thursday through Sunday, 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.
The officers will also be conducting random safety checkpoints at varied locations in the Washington Avenue entertainment district. Police will be checking for things including drivers' licenses, vehicle registrations and seat-belt violations.
According to The Partnership for Downtown St. Louis, they will add four Downtown CID Guides dedicated to the Washington Avenue area until 11 p.m. These guides will be monitored by security cameras.
After last week's shooting, Sugar night club has voluntarily agreed to stop their under-21 nights in the interest of the neighborhood.
The city counselor intends on drafting legislation to create a curfew for people who are under 21 for the downtown area as well as to restrict underage people from being in liquor establishments late at night.
The city is considering legislation to require lighting and an attendant at parking lots and garages.

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