Businessman offers help with mortgages, fails to get job done -

Businessman offers help with mortgages, fails to get job done

(KMOV) -- A businessman who offers customers help with their mortgages, but fails to get the job done is under investigation by police in Dekab County Georgia - and officials there say the investigation is expanding to more states, including Missouri.

Rev. Glen Allen of North County called Fred Lee in early 2010 looking to rework the loan on his church, home, and daycare. Allen says he paid Lee's company nearly $9,000, but still lost everything to foreclosure on September 8th. "Fred Lee has cost me my life," said Allen.

Allen says he met Lee at a large African American church in St. Louis, but declined to name the church. He says Allen was offering loan modifications to church members. Allen also said he should not pay his mortgage while the loan was being reworked.

In Georgia DeKab County, police say they are investigating up to 150 similiar stories, and so far they haven't located one customer who's had a successful loan modificiation with Fred Lee. Lee's offices were raided by Dekab County Police in early October.

Lee lives in one of Atlanta's most exclusive neighborhoods, calls to Lee were not returned. CBS Atlanta confronted Lee over upset customers in that state, Lee said, "The one thing you will find out about Fred lee, I won't lie to you, I won't lie for you, and I won't lie on you." He also said he has lots of happy customers, and added, "you find me one person of color who Fred Lee has told don't make their payments."

Rev. Glen Allen says he doesn't know what's going to happen next, but has lost faith in Fred Lee.

If you have have dealth with Fred Lee let us know about your experience. Email Investigative Reporter Chris Nagus at



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