South city residents fed up with prostitution -

South city residents fed up with prostitution

(KMOV) – Some south St. Louis residents say prostitutes are virtually taking over their community.  

Police say they’re working on the problem, but it will likely take more than a few arrests to clean up the block.

Some of the problem areas include Broadway, Gasconade, Meramec and Iowa.


Residents say you can see them pacing up and down the street, sitting on the stoops or pretending to wait for a bus.


Judge Margaret Walsh says she sees 50 cases of prostitution a week.


Only six of them are usually new. Most of the cases are repeat offenders who can’t kick a drug habit.


Judge Walsh has sentenced many repeat offenders to 90 days in jail. But she says that is not the answer.


“It doesn’t do any good to send them to jail,” she says. “They get out and start using again [most of the time].”

Walsh says more resources to help women get rid of their addictions would clean up Broadway Street.

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