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Hearing non-profit says St. Louis is loud

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

(KMOV) -- A hearing non-profit group has determined St. Louis is a loud place.

Hear the World, a global non-profit by hearing system manufacturer Phonak dedicated to raising awareness about hearing loss, went out to key locations around St. Louis to see just how loud the city really is.  Here's what the group found.

Market Street and Memorial Drive/I-70 Overpass - 86 db
Soulard Market - 83 db
Washington Loft District - 76 db
South Grand and Juniata Street - 75 db
The Delmar Loop - 73 db

Also, Hear the World analyzed recordings taken in live music venues throughout St. Louis and found they registered over 90 db.

Why does this matter?  According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), long-term exposure to 80-85 decibels or any more than 15 minutes exposure to 100 decibels, can lead to hearing loss.  Noise is measured in units called decibels, on a scale from zero to 140. The higher the number in decibels, the louder the noise. The louder the noise, the greater the risk of hearing loss.

One of those studies you can tuck in the 'for what it's worth' file.

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