Toasted Cheese -

Toasted Cheese

Toasted Cheese

Who doesn’t remember toasted cheese sandwiches with American cheese and tomato soup out of a can?  Forget childhood – it’s an all time favorite for any age, any time.  But there is always room to add another favorite.  How about bacon, tomato and pepperjack cheese?  Don’t let this go by without a try!

Per sandwich

2 pieces of bread (I use Pepperidge Farm Sourdough Sandwich Bread)
2 slices of pepperjack cheese or other hot cheese
1/2 tomato
As much bacon as you want
Olive oil

Note about the bacon:  The easiest way I  have found to cook bacon is to line a rimmed baking sheet with foil.  Place a rack on top of the baking sheet.  Lay the bacon  out on the rack.  Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes until crisp.
Remove the bacon to doubled paper towels and roll up to remove as much fat as possible.

Layer the sandwich as follows: 
Bottom slice of bread
1 piece of cheese
Tomato slices
2nd slice of cheese
Top slice of bread
Brush the top slice of cheese with olive oil.  Place it olive oil side down in a non stick sauté pan.  Tent the sandwich with foil.  Brown over low to medium low heat until golden brown.  Flip the sandwich over, cover again and brown until golden. 
Cut in half and enjoy!



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