Trick-or-treaters remain hospitalized after being hit by car in Hazelwood -

Trick-or-treaters remain hospitalized after being hit by car in Hazelwood

(KMOV) -- Two little trick-or-treaters are in intensive care after they were hit by a car while crossing the street.  It happened at the intersection of North Hanley and Santa Bella in North County around 7:00 p.m. on Halloween night.  

Police tell News 4 that the girls and their family did not wait for the walk signal -- instead crossing the street when two cars stopped and waved them on.  The problem was the car in this third lane followed the green light and didn't see the family until it was too late to stop.

"I got to my door and I heard a big boom," Victoria Smith says.

That was the sound of three children and their mother being hit by an oncoming car while out trick-or-treating.

"I saw that her sock was off her left foot.  Her shoe was off, and on her right foot her shoe was on," Smith says.  "The first thing I thought was 'she's really hurt.'"

Smith held 5-year-old Shylia Chapman's hand as she lay motionless in the street.

"And I said a prayer," Smith says.  "I said 'Shylia, please, if you can hear me just show me something that you can hear me,' and her chest rose.  And when her chest rose, I started crying."

Hazelwood police say Shylia is in grave condition.  Her big sister, 11-year-old Shylena, was also seriously hurt.  Their 7-year-old brother and mom were banged up but will be O.K -- at least physically.

"I don't know how any mother could deal with having their child walking across the street with them to the next minute having them flying in the air and hitting the ground and not moving at all," Smith says.  "I think she was in shock. She didn't know which child to come to."

Friends say the kids go to Armstrong Elementary.  Aleha Blue is in the same class as Shylena.  

"She's a really smart girl.  She helps everybody," Blue says.

Now, she needs their help.

Police say the signals were working properly and that the driver cooperated.  Police say he did not violate traffic laws and that there was no sign of alcohol.

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