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Whooping Cough

   Whooping cough is now suspected in three students in the Rivervewi Gardens Scool District.  The highly contagious bacterial inrfection is making a comeback in the US, already infecting thousands on the west coast and killing 10 infants in California.

    The St Louis County Health Dept points out the warning signs which include, cold like symptoms along with a cough and a whooping gasp that appears two weeks later.  The infection can last for weeks, and responds to antibiotics.

       It is very contagious in the early stage and can remain that way for up to three weeks, usually spreading when people sneeze and cough.

     It is most serious in infants under 6 months old, but anyone can get it.

     It's recommended children are up to date on vaccinations and adolescents get a booster.


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