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Understanding Prop F on the ballot

(KMOV) --  With 12 candidates, 15 judges, and three propositions on the St. Louis city ballot, it's important to understand your ballot.

Proposition F increases certain fines from $500 - $1000, including the fine for peeling paint.  One of our viewers has a problem with this, so they contacted News 4.

The viewer is worried that people living on fixed incomes may not be able to afford a $1000 fine for peeling paint.

News 4 drove through south St. Louis and only saw a few examples of peeling paint. The Soulard alderman who sponsored the proposition says it is meant to keep absentee landlords or vacant property owners in line.

Proposition F hasn't gotten a lot of attention, and some St. Louis homeowners didn't even know it is on the ballot. 

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