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Update: Village removes fallen tree after homeowner contacts us

(KMOV) -- When storms blew through the St. Louis area early Tuesday morning, Crystal Wilson felt her house in Hanley Hills shake.

"I just thought that was some really strong thunder," said Wilson.

It was not thunder. The top section of a large tree in her front yard crashed onto her driveway. Branches dented her gutter and the tree blocked her driveway.

Wilson says the tree, planted along the curb, is maintained by the Village of Hanley Hills. She contacted them first and after sending two officials out to look at the damage, Wilson says a clerk later called and said that the clean-up would be the property owner's responsibility. 

Wilson says she believes the village failed to properly maintain and trim the tree, which lead to it falling.

Wednesday,  the village's attorney said the village contacted its insurance company on Tuesday and expected to hear back within 48 hours. 

"The fact that it's been two days, they said no, I've rented a car. Now, I'm kind of angry because I should have never been put in this situation in the first place," said Wilson.

By Thursday, the village's attorney told News 4 that the village's insurance carrier denied the claim, saying the damage was caused by "an act of God".  Still, the village board agree to take action and remove the tree.

Thursday, Wilson confirms crews came to her house to remove the brush.

There is now some roof damage visible.  Wilson has also contacted her own insurance company.

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