Convicted criminal accused of kidnapping O'Fallon and Oklahoma women on run -

Convicted criminal accused of kidnapping O'Fallon and Oklahoma women on run

(KMOV) -- A convicted murderer is on the run after allegedly kidnapping women in both O'Fallon, Illinois and Oklahoma City. 

His last known address is Fenton.

In both kidnappings, the suspect dropped his victims off in St. Louis at the Interstate 44, Jefferson interchange.

Carey Breshers, 51, has a lengthy criminal past, checkered with a murder conviction, jail break and several armed robberies.  Police say he is armed with a handgun and on the run.

At quarter til 11 Tuesday morning, police say Breshers walked into the World Finance Center in O'Fallon, Illinois.  He walked out with two women -- employees -- held at gunpoint and forced them into one of their cars.  He ordered them to a local bank to try to cash the company's checks.  A teller thought it was fishy and called police.  By then police say Breshers had driven the women to St. Louis and dropped them off -- unharmed -- at Jefferson and I-44.
"Emotionally (they were) very distraught, understandably, but physically not harmed," Capt. Jeff Wild of the O'Fallon Police Department says.

It's the same spot police say Breshers just dropped off another kidnap victim -- this one -- from Oklahoma City.  Police say Breshers snatched Patricia Griffith October 22 from her work.  She sent her son a text that she'd been kidnapped.  She was found days later here in St. Louis.  Apparently Breshers had told his newest victims about his latest caper, leading police to make the connection back to Oklahoma.

From that crime, police are still looking for the get-away car:  a white, 2006 Ford F-150 with Oklahoma tag 189-BYZ.

"(Oklahoma Police) have warrants for this individual and through the warrants we were able to get a picture, line-up and positive i.d. (from the victims)," Capt. Wild says.

Now police believe he will strike again.
"We thought out of public safety that we would let everyone know that he's out there looking to do another crime," Capt. Wild says.

And police want you to be on the lookout.  Breshers was last seen driving a Pontiac Grand Prix with Missouri license plate A-E-2-L-4-N.  Call your local police department immediately if you spot Breshers or either of the stolen vehicles.

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