Business owners, leaders not optimistic about economy -

Business owners, leaders not optimistic about economy

(KMOV) – A new survey shows that business owners and leaders are not optimistic about the economy. More than 40 percent of these leaders say they fear the economy won’t recover for another year.

This means many businesses are not planning to add jobs until they know what the future holds for health insurance and taxes.


But the Lake Forest Confectionary shop in Clayton is defying the odds. Within the last six to 12 months, the shop says it has increased its staff by 30 percent. In the next year, they plan to open a new plant.


However, that’s not the case with most of corporate America.


Jeff Kane of Grant Thornton LLP, a consulting firm with offices in Clayton, says their new survey shows 70 percent of companies expect the economy 6to remain stagnant or get even worse.


Sixty percent of the 500 chief financial officers surveyed in Grant Thornton’s research say the government needs to cut corporate and personal tax rates.

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