Active Relaxation -

Active Relaxation

By: Dr. Jennifer Abel

The strategies in Active Relaxation are aimed at keeping you in the Peak Zone where you can feel relatively relaxed, conserve energy and be very productive.

Interviewer:  So what are some strategies for staying in the peak zone?
1.Focus on the Moment - All worry is about the future, so focus on your senses to be in the moment.
2.Don’t Worry Problem Solve - How much of your stressful thinking is actually helpful?
3.Sing! It has been proven to lower stress.
4.Think “Peace” as You Breathe In, “Calm” as You Breathe Out.
5.Accept What You Cannot Change - Fighting reality is useless; it only causes stress.
6.Take Breaks - It’s a win-win; you enjoy the break and you’re more productive afterwards.
7.Better But Believable - For negative thoughts, think about something that is more positive that you believe is true.
8.Smile - Most of the time it will make you feel better.
9.  Make Time for Yourself - You deserve it and after you do, you’ll have more positive energy for others.
10. Nip Stress in the Bud – Catch it early and the other 9 strategies will work better.

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