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Halloween Cupcakes


What fun!!  Perfect for school or home parties come these two cupcakes.  Take your pick of a mummy or a bat, both easy enough for children to make.  You can use store bought cupcakes that have been frosted or start from scratch and make them at home. 

For the Bat:  You will need:

Cupcakes frosted in white
Chocolate or colored sprinkles
Round plain chocolate cookies
Green icing (bought or homemade)
Brown M&M’s

Sprinkle the frosting with chocolate or colored sprinkles.  Cut the chocolate cookie in half and pipe green icing to create wings on each piece of the cookie.  Place an M&M in the middle of the cupcake standing up for the head.  Pipe two green eyes on it.  Place the wings behind each side of the head in the frosting. 

For the Mummy:  You will need:

Cupcakes frosted in chocolate
Pastry bag with basket-weave tip or a flat tip about 3/8 inch wide
Pastry bag with a small plain tip
Pastry bag with a smaller plain tip
White frosting
Red frosting
Black frosting

The pastry bags needed can be disposable.  If you don’t have the pastry tips, simply cut the tips off the disposable bags.   Cut the tip off of one bag for the red eyes and a smaller tip off for the black pupils.  Just buy or make white frosting and tint it red and black.  If you can’t find black, just add all the colors to a bit of the frosting.

Pipe on white frosting in random lines across the cupcake to simulate bandages of the mummy.  Pipe on two red eyes and two black dots on the red eyes for pupils. 


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