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Local photographer responds to failing grade from BBB

(KMOV)— One local photography company has been given an “F” grade by the Better Business Bureau.

The bureau received at least 9 complaints against Fotos 4 Life from brides across St. Louis after they did not receive their wedding pictures.
Kat Dorlac got married May 29, 2010, but still hasn’t received the pictures from her wedding. 
Dorlac found Fotos 4 Life on Craigslist.  She met with the owner of the company, Jennifer McConnell, and paid $500 up front but never received the pictures.
“She was supposed to give me a CD with a copyright of all my pictures so I could go print them somewhere, and then she was also supposed to give me two photo albums," Dorlac told Maggie Crane.  She never received any of the materials.

“It really saddens us because since she didn't want any family taking pictures while she was taking pictures, we don't have any.  There's no photos,” says Carla Peery, mother of another local bride. 
McConnell says she has never received any phone complaints, but admits her phone was out of service for a week and a half and that her email inbox marked some messages as spam.
“I'm trying to make the best effort that I can,” said McConnel. “I am in no way, shape or form a scam artist.”

McConnell says the problem lies with the picture printing company in California.

"They're supposed to be shipped to each individual bride, couple's address. Nobody received them," McConnell says.  "We have since gone back -- myself and another employee -- and reburned, recopied and remade all of these disks that the brides supposedly never received."

McConnell tells News 4 that all of the photos are in the mail and that the newlyweds should receive their pictures by Wednesday.  You can bet we'll follow up to make sure.

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