The Mommy Diaries: Bye-bye, ba-ba -

The Mommy Diaries: Bye-bye, ba-ba

I'm embarrassed to be writing this blog. Considering my son, Jude, is 15-months-old now, I'm sure it seems strange to be writing about this topic, but...we just said goodbye to the bottle. That's right, Jude had his last ba-ba this week, and my heart broke a little. Jude was unphased - and then my heart broke a little bit more.

When we made the transition from formula to milk, we decided it was time to transition from the bottle to a big boy cup too. I didn't want this to be an overnight change, I thought Jude might not handle that well. Instead, I decided to switch him to a cup when he had milk during the day and let him keep the bottle for bed time. It helped Jude wind down and get ready for bed. He knew when the bottle came out, it was time to settle down. Honestly, it also was a nice chance for me to get to sit down with my baby and cuddle with him before I put him down for the night.

I knew he couldn't keep the bottle forever. He was the only kid in our circle of friends who still used a bottle and sucking in all of that air when the milk was gone gave him a belly ache if he didn't burp before bed. I guess I was being a little selfish. Jude is just growing up so fast! He is so big and independent. He never lets me hold him anymore. He always wants down so he can run around. Ba-ba time was the only time he would sit on my lap and let me rock him while he drifted off to sleep. It was so sweet, and now it's over.

Watching my little boy grow up is so rewarding, but it's bittersweet. He's not a baby anymore, he's a big boy. And while I'm proud of how big he's getting and the things that he learns each day, I'm still a little sad to say bye-bye to the ba-ba.


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