Survivors of deadly ABB shooting go back to work -

Survivors of deadly ABB shooting go back to work

But production has been put on hold to help each employee begin to heal and return to a sense of normalcy.

"It's going to be a lot of people talking and sharing -- that's really the main purpose of today," Fesmire says.

Counselors are meeting with employees here at the plant and even at their homes. For those who cannot return to work, Fesmire says the company will help them with worker's compensation. ABB has paid its employees in full for the week off work.

"These people are the business," Fesmire says. "That plant has a lot of machinery that is worth nothing without the people who work here."

ABB knows it has a long way to go... as two of its employees remain in the hospital, recovering from gunshot wounds.

"We just have to be there for each other," Fesmire says. "This is very much a family."


Survivors of the deadly shooting rampage at ABB in North St. Louis start the healing process today as they head back to work for the first time since Timothy Hendron gunned down fellow employees exactly one week ago.

Hendron shot eight coworkers, killing three three men before turning the gun on himself.

"Everyone at ABB grieves for our fallen colleagues," ABB Spokesman Bob Fesmire says. "Today I guess you could say is the first day of the recovery process."

A stream of cars pack into the ABB plant parking lot -- employees returning to the job place just one week after a fellow employee opened fire within the very walls they'll now work. The visual reminders have been erased.

"When the SWAT teams went through, they kicked in a lot of doors, so we had to replace some of those and some of the locks may not be back in yet," Fesmire says.  "But everything having to do with the actual incident itself has been repaired."

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