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Why Michael Vick is wrong for Rams

One of the big questions that will hang over the St. Louis Rams as the offseason begins is what will the Rams do about their quarterback situation?

A lot of decisions have to be made by a lot of teams before the market begins to take shape, but one of the names that is believed to be part of that market will be Michael Vick.  While there are certainly a lot of public relations and marketing reasons not to take Vick I believe that the Rams would be wrong to sign Vick for football reasons and not just for the PR reasons.

The reason I believe that Vick is wrong, from a football standpoint, is because of the way the Rams are set up today.  Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur and Steve Spagnuolo are currently running a "west coast" offense that is about the quarterback making smart decisions and being conservative.  Michael Vick has had issues running that sort of system.

Vick has never had a completion rating of 57% which in the NFL is not even close to being an average number.  If the Rams were really going to consider Vick then the Rams would have to build an offense around him and scrap the system that they currently have.  I am not saying that would not be such a bad thing, but I just can't believe they would blow up their offense for one guy.  There has been nothing in Spagnuolo or Shurmur's background that would lead you to believe that they would be that flexible.

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