St. Charles man's water shut off over 19 cents -

St. Charles man's water shut off over 19 cents

KMOV - A St. Charles man is upset after his water was shut off because of 19 cents.

Jim Short admits his Missouri American water bill was overdue, so when he got a notice threatening to shut off his water, he made a payment online with plenty of time left.

The bill was $78.19 cents. Short paid $78

"Sometimes we round it up and down," Short says. "Sometimes we pay more, sometimes we pay less, it depends on where the dollar is at."

The next day, Short was shocked to find his water turned off, all because of 19 cents.

Short, who is on a fixed income due to disability, did not get much sympathy when he called American Water.

"They just said, 'Oh well, it's turned off, there's nothing you can do about it.' They said the best you can do is pay the $40 to have it turned back on, and oh there's a $2 service charge over the phone to have it turned back on," Short says.

Jim and his family had to use the neighbors' water until their's were turned back on the next day.

"When we called we asked to speak to management...They would not let us talk to a supervisor," Short says.

Short decided the only way to get a response was to contact News 4. News 4's John Nicely left a message with the head spokesperson at American Water explaining the situation. Within the hour, she emailed back to say the Shorts would be getting a full refund.

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