No MO Income Tax -

No MO Income Tax

       The idea of ending Missouri's income tax has be tossed about for a while.  But a studey from the think tank group, The Show Me Institute is giving the idea some steam.

     The group says eliminating the 6 percent income tax would mean an immediate 6 percent raise for every working Missourian.  But don't think it's free.  They also propose raising the state sales tax from 4.225% to around 5.7% and it would be applied to more items and services than it is now.

     Those who are pushing for this say it will attract business and jobs, and they cite the growing economies of the 9 states that don't have an income tax. 

     Opponents though say this only shifts the tax burden further down to middle and lower class working people who will pay more things and feel the pinch harder than wealthy people.  And cutting the revenue from income taxes may forse the state to cut services and workers.

      Either way, it seems we will still pay.



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