St. Louis Volunteers in Haiti are Safe -

St. Louis Volunteers in Haiti are Safe

Volunteers from the St. Louis area, working in Haiti, are safe.  That's according to the Carole and Carl Vorst, who run Amer-Haitian Bon Zami, Inc. 

The Vorst's run the non-profit group from their St. Ann home.  Monday, four volunteers from the St. Louis area flew to Haiti to help work clearing land for a new playground at an orphanage near Port-au-Prince.  Shortly after landing, the quake hit.  The four volunteers were not hurt.  A 5th American, an intern living in Haiti, is also o.k.

Three children at the orphanage suffered minor injuries and some of the Haitian staff is unaccounted for.

Communication is spotty.  The Vorsts get updates through Facebook and e-mail.  They are worried about dwindling supplies (especially fuel that is used in a generator, needed to pump water).

Information about Amer-Haitian Bon Zami found here:

The Vorsts say the volunteers:  Matt Davids, Bambi Lynn and her daughter Bethany Austin, Paul Clark, and Katie Rundell are safe.

I spoke with Bruce Lynn (husband of Bambi and father of Bethany) who says he stays updated by following Facebook updates on-line.  Volunteers have been able to access the Internet for short periods of time, every few hours.


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