St. Louis group pushing to ditch state income tax -

St. Louis group pushing to ditch state income tax

KMOV - A St. Louis group is pushing for the state to ditch income taxes altogether

The Show Me Institute, based in Clayton, says getting rid of the 6 percent tax would give workers an instant raise and attract more businesses to Missouri.

David Stokes works at the Show Me Institute, where he says no one is a big fan of the income tax.

"It gives another reason for capital not to come to Missouri, not to come to St. Louis, another reason for people not to think twice before opening a business here," says Stokes.

Now this group wants Missouri lawmakers to start thinking hard about alternatives to the income taxes for bringing in revenue. They say replacing it with an increase in the sales tax, somewhere around 5.7 percent, and wiping out the list of exemptions to include more goods and services, would be a good way to go.

The group insists this alternative would not bankrupt the state, which needs the tax money to pay for important things like police and roads, but rather set off an economic spark.

"Under this there will be alot more jobs, alot more investment in Missouri and the people in Missouri right off the bat get a 6 percent raise, 7 percent in St. Louis and KC if you get rid of the earnings tax," says Stokes.

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