Former sidekick not happy with McGwire -

Former sidekick not happy with McGwire

(KMOV) – It was former Oakland A’s slugger Jose Conseco who started rumors about Mark McGwire using steroids.  But now that his former teammate has admitted using performance enhancing drugs, Conseco still isn’t happy and says McGwire is not telling the whole truth.

"I've got no problems with a few of the things he's saying, but again, it's ironic and strange that Mark McGwire denies that I injected him with steroids. He's calling me a liar again," Canseco said Tuesday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN radio 1000.

"I've defended Mark, I've said a lot of good things about him, but I can't believe he just called me a liar,” Conseco said.

"There is something very strange going on here, and I'm wondering what it is. I even polygraphed that subject matter, that I injected him, and passed it completely. So I want to challenge him on national TV to a polygraph examination. I want to see him call me a liar under a polygraph examination."

McGwire and Conseco were known as the “Bash Brothers” as they led Oakland to three World Series appearances in the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s.  However, the two are not close and it was Conseco who first said McGwire used steroids in his book published in 2005.  Conseco had told the media prior to the publishing of his book that McGwire used illegal performance enhancing drugs during his career. 


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